Conventional Loans

Eliminate Mortgage Insurance or VA Funding Fees by putting down 20% as a down-payment. Don't have 20%? Don't worry about it!

FHA Loans

FHA Loans are great starter loans for families who are buying their first home. FHA is not just for first time home buyers!

VA Loans

VA Loans are considerably easier on credit and income underwriting than FHA and Conventional loans. Best of all you don't need a down payment!

Welcome to the American Dream of home-ownership! Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make and I'm here to help! I realize that the loan application process can be stressful and difficult to understand, which is why I offer all my clients "high-touch" personal service to ensure things run smoothly.

Not only am I here to guide you through the loan application, but I'm also here to help you understand the entire home loan process.

When you trust me to handle your loan, you get 30-years of mortgage knowledge and the know-how to get difficult loans through and make it look easy...and easy loans through with no stress at all!

I'm here when you're ready!



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